Consadint customs brokerage
Global Services
Consadint is the company of our business group that offer you service relate to customs office, air shipping, sea shipping and land transportation. At the same time, have fiscal inclosure, hazmat material handling, inspection from SENASICA and PROFEPA.

Our group has 15 customs broker patents both US and Mexican, operating for 25 customs offices in both countries which allow us having coverage, but above all EXPERIENCE.
Import / Export Request
Virtual customs entries.(Pedimentos Virtuales)
Exclusive Pedimento Correction Center.
Customs reviews and audits.
Technological Systems
Web Reports.
ITI systems integration, EDI information exchange and FTP server, REAL TIME CUSTOMS OPERATIONS reports.
Real-time cameras link to warehouses and offices.
Annual report of external trade operations.
External trade reports depending on the client needs.
EDI data service and development of applications depending on the requirements.
Constant broadcasting of newsletters with themes related to international trade.
HAZMAT material handling.
PROFEPA inspection.
SENSASICA inspection.
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