Consadint customs brokerage
Global Services
Consultores Aduanales Integrados S.C.
This company is part of our business group that is made up of a team that provides international trade advice, consulting and legal defense related to international trade.
Mexico special programs of international trade promotion: automotive industry, IMMEX, PROSEC, Draw-Back, Facilities.
Regulations and restrictions without tariff.
Free trades Agreements subscribed from Mexico: TLCAN, Europe Association, Bolivia, Central America (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua),Colombia, Europe Community, Island, Israel, Japan, Chile, Uruguay.
Countervailing fees.
Rules pertaining to origin and advice to fill certificate pertaining to origin.
Certificate on security of your chain of supply.
Consultancy and Technical Advising
International Logistics.
Audit of international operations.
Management, purchasing control and international supply.
Legislation and regulations for goods to be exported and imported.
Transfer pricing.
Certificate of Origin reviews - TLC Nafta, TLCUE.
Trade Tarriff strategy.
Import and Export manufacturing proyects.
Export´s price determination and market research.
Legal Counseling
Help in establishing new companies in Mexico related to importing and exporting goods.
Import permits and product permits.
Legal advice and legal documents relating to international Trade and Bookkeeping.
Optimal Tariff Strategy
Product tariff Classification.
Mexico Duty free progrmas.
Legal security for International trade deals.
International Customs tax consultancy - support.
Technical meetings with local Customs.
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